About me

My background

My background is in mechanical engineering but I've been writing code for about 12 years now. Early on it was mainly C/C++ for numerical methods and number crunching stuff. I currently work for a company that develops and sells time series signal processing software. Now I pretty much exclusively use Python for everything I do inside and outside of work.

I currently hold one patent and have co-founded and sold a successful company. You can contact me through email. My email address is as follows:

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This blog

Over the years I've built quite an extensive personal library of different and random projects...and they've sat idle on my computer ever since. So I hope this blog, and GitHub more generally, provides me enough motivation to tidy them up, give 'em a nice write up, and put them in my repository.

I also enjoy analyzing random data sets that I find interesting so I hope to have plenty of data exploration write ups as well. And my aim is to write them up as half show-and-tell and half Python tutorial and provide all the code in Jupyter notebooks.